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The Tradition of Irish Donegal Tweed

Discover Donegal’s rich craft and weaving heritage.

Tucked away in the far north of Ireland, County Donegal zealously guarded the most ancient and authentic traditions of a Celtic culture facing the Atlantic. The landscape, dominated by a deafening wind and labyrinthine breakers, reaches cyclopean dimensions that don’t leave anyone indifferent.

This part of Ireland evokes many images; a flock of sheep on the side of the road, emerald fields as far as the eye can see and divided by ancient stone walls, or the Atlantic waves crashing into the rocky shores and towering cliffs.

Irish Donegal Tweed

Recognised for its patterns of smooth fabric of interlaced wool, Donegal Tweed veined effect is the perfect reflection of the natural environment of the region, a canvas dominated by the gray of the overcast sky, the intense green of its meadows, the dark blue tones of the sea and the orange flashes of the falling leaves.

It is this palette that has been inspiring for more than a century the craftsmen of Donegal to dye the virgin wool of their native sheep and then weave it with all sorts of combinations.

This is the delicate process that gives rise to one of the most characteristic luxurious fabric of the autumnal season, the Irish Donegal Tweed.

Even today, walking through the region you will find the sheep that provide wool for the craftsmen, as well as the blackberries, gorse, and moss used for the colourful pigments.

Donegal is the county with the most sheep in Ireland, with almost 500.000. These native sheep reared in Donegal produce soft and high-quality wool which is perfect for making high-quality Tweed clothes.

Tweed In The Valley Products Are 100% Irish. Our Tweed is woven in County Donegal, and all pieces are designed, cut, sewn and finished in the very scenic Vale Of Avoca in County Wicklow.

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