Men’s Shoe Grey tweed herringbone. Our range of tweed, suede, sheepskin lined trainers are perfect for any modern man with an active lifestyle! With elasticated sides to slide on and off the foot at super speeds, the comfortable, padded sole will cushion every stride that is taken in these fantastic shoes.

This pair of slip on footwear is a sporty style that is suitable for every day wear, yet the use of luxurious and heritage fabrics make them smart enough to be suitable for more formal occasions.

We use the classic herringbone Harris Tweed fabric to decorate the front panel of our slip on trainers, adding an interesting feature to the shoe. The distinctive ‘V shape’ pattern of the black herringbone is used with a textile, black suede. An indigo suede compliments the light and dark threads used to create the navy herringbone in our next shoe and the beautiful, earthy tones that are woven into the cream herringbone cloth are set against a light brown suede for our lighter, summer shoe.


8, 9, 10, 11