Face masks. These face masks have a filter between the two outer fabric layers. Its available in many other colours and comes in three sizes for Men, Ladies and children.  If you wish to purchase in another colour you can check out the other listings for men’s masks on our website.

We also stock face masks solid Grey and many other patterns.  Most importantly environmentally friendly 100% cotton to outer and inner mask. All Natural, breathable materials. Masks are made in Ireland. Reusable, ethical, sustainable. Designed as a natural and reusable face mask made in Ireland. These are comfortable and breathable to wear and made with natural fabric for protection.
Made in Ireland.



Face mask

Face mask Blue floral, face mask blue multi rose, Face mask blue polka dot, Face mask butterfly, Face mask cat repeat, Face mask mustard insects, Face mask Pink floral, Face mask Red polka dot, Face mask Rose