Tweed In The Valley & What it Means to be Irish!

Every nation has its symbols that refer to its culture, history, and traditions — a kind of local identity. And with Ireland, this is no different.

Walking through Ireland, first of all, is to feel its magic that surrounds all who cross here. This magical atmosphere comes from the country’s tradition of storytelling, replete with myths and superstitions, based on the folklore of the ancient Celts that occupied Europe.

Known as the Emerald Island, because of its abundant vegetation and the rain that keeps it green, regardless of the time of year, Ireland is full of ancient and exquisite heritage. Throughout the territory, there are breath-taking landscapes, such as the Cliffs of Moher and medieval castles and churches that symbolise the rich history of our nation.

All over the world, people are now more than ever united through a shared passion and interest in the country’s culture and traditions.

Connected by Culture – Irish traditions

The Irish people are known for being cheerful, friendly and receptive. Each one of us has our individual stories which form an important part of our own identity and represents our deep sense of nationality.

We celebrate our famed pub culture and love affair with Guinness, traditional Irish music and storytelling which beautifully represent our Irish heritage.

We love Celtic music and dance, a primordial part of Irish culture. Riverdance is famous all over the world. Celtic music fills us with pride. In traditional pubs, you can only hear Celtic songs, played with flute, banjo, and violin in addition to the uilleann pipe, and the bodhrán, the Irish drum. They are cheerful songs and conducive to dancing and drinking beer.

Going to the pub is a typical Irish tradition. There is nothing better than going to the pub and drink a good pint, or not being Guinness one of our main Irish symbols. Born in 1759 Guinness beer is still produced with the same composition that consecrated it.

And speaking of pubs, there are more than 7 thousand scattered throughout the country. Only Dublin and the region accommodate more than 700 of them.

The Storytelling- A chapter apart within the Irish culture.

Our passion for storytelling shines vibrantly through literature and poetry. The Emerald Isle is the birthplace of distinguished masters such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.

Irish Tweed – There is beauty in tradition.

For centuries, weaving and knitting have been an essential part of Ireland’s economy, and today’s local tweed and knit products are famous throughout the world for their quality, style, and tradition.

When you buy a piece of tweed, you’re not buying just that piece; you’re buying a part of Irish history.

Tweed In The Valley brings you genuine Irish made Tweed Clothing made from 100% Irish Donegal Tweed and finished to the highest standards of quality and with a more modern twist.

We continuously strive to capture and positively represent and honour the exquisiteness of Irish heritage in our tweed clothing.

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