An intro to Tweed in the Valley by the curator was born in November 2017. With three small children who Anna calls “my darlings” the gaelic name for the brand was born “Love Mo Chuisle”. Tweed in the Valley is an all Irish Clothing brand with a new bright colour palette of mustards, bright blues, raspberries and autumn green plaid alongside the traditional grey and navy herringbone tweeds. Anna Dobson prides herself on crafting an untapped market of children’s tweed creations and matching accessories alongside the classic range in Ladies and Men’s.

Anna grew up outside the picturesque village of Avoca enveloped by an Irish tweed culture. Her love of fashion drove her to study Fashion and Textiles at University of Ulster. After qualifying left to work in the fashion industry in the U.K for a major high street retailer. In 2015 she returned to Dublin to manage a fashion house where she worked with many influential designers. In 2017 Anna gave up her job to dedicate herself to create her own Irish Tweed fashion Brand.

Anna says “I believe there is beauty in tradition. Add contemporary innovation. With tweed you can never be unfashionable”.

The splendour of Children’s tweed is a well-kept secret. The girls collection includes cut panelled coats, hooded capes, matching dress and a colourful array of matching accessories. Tweed in the Valley has created men’s and boy’s matching waistcoats, ties and bow-ties. Also available a collection of Ladies fitted fashionable box pleat coats and dresses with a contrasting palette.

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